Commercial HVAC Contractor in El Paso, TX

West Texas is known for its HIGH temperatures. Uncomfortable employees indoors equals loss of productivity and uncomfortable customers equals loss of business! Times Refrigeration will equip your business with what you need for year round climate control. Our certified technicians provide quick installations and pay attention to every detail, ensuring that you receive only the best service. Fluent in English and Spanish, our team of professionals are ready to help your business. Getting more than one bid is always a prudent business decision. Make sure you offer an opportunity to Times Refrigeration, operating in this area for over 35 years, we will earn your business!



When an HVAC system breaks down, it can usually be attributed to one of a few common issues. From Dirty, clogged filters, leak of the refrigerant, which prevents the air from reaching a cool, comfortable temperature to thermostat errors and unbalanced dampers Times Refrigeration can handle your HVAC Repairs. Often a lack of maintenance leads to larger issues and costs down the road, be sure to ask us about our Maintenance Programs.



Converting to Refrigerated Air

Evaporative coolers/ swamp coolers, often leave individuals stuck with hot temperatures and is an inefficient cooling system for most commercial applications. Times refrigeration is THE local EXPERT in Refrigerate AC Conversions.

Not only can we provide greater efficiency for your commercial environment but more consistent temps for your employees and/or customers! Evaporative cooling systems produce moist air, and this excess moisture can cause other issues within your commercial environment.

Times Refrigeration has the special machinery to handle the larger size of the HVAC equipment, large or small or new construction projects, any size or budget! From tall downtown buildings and warehouses to small retail locations we can get your AC up and running ASAP!