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Times Refrigeration HVAC understands that for most people, especially in the Sun City of El Paso Texas, Heating is out of site and out of mind until its needed or becomes a problem. Your furnace plays an important role in the indoor air quality of your home, even more so with a refrigerated AC system. Also, regular maintenance is needed to avoid problems and most importantly the safety of your family. When was the last time you thought about your home furnace?

If your furnace is 15 years old, its a good chance we need to carefully review it. If the furnace starts making noises (pings, rattling), that’s another sign to start looking for new furnaces. If your not in need of replacement, investing in regular maintenance will help you go a LONG way. Annual or at the very least every other year for a Furnace Tune up should be considered. Call Us Today.

AC Install:

Air Conditioning Installation in El Paso, Horizon, Las Cruces and the Surrounding Areas.

Improved indoor air quality, quieter operation, comfortable humidity levels inside, consistent year round temperatures; we provide the real comfort solutions you and your family seeks. If your tired of your rusty leaky evaporative cooler that don’t work on humid days, squeaky noises, or just can’t get you into the low 70s or even cool 60s when its 100+ outside, let us convert your cooler* to REAL Refrigerated AC.

*Swamp Cooler, Evaptorative Cooler, Desert Cooler, MasterCool, Wet Cooler …. whatever you want to call them, there is a better way. As Humidity increases as well as peak temperatures, these units even when operating correctly and not causing rust and water damage, are having an increasing challenge in keeping you in the comfort zone of interior temperatures..

The first step in having a new air conditioner installed is to select one that matches the unique needs of your home. Times Refrigeration will take care off for you and is a premier installer of Rheem Heating and Cooling products as well as many other TOP brands if you have a personal preference.

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